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5th Int.Conf. on Mathematics and Computers in Sciences and Industry

Corfu Island, Greece

August 25-27, 2018

International Symposium 19 - High power lasers applications

Chair: Dr. Eng. Aurelian Marcu.
PW-Laser Laboratory, Center for Advanced Laser Technology - CETAL,
National Institute for Laser Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR),
Bucharest-Magurele, ROMANIA.

Aim: The symposium is proposing to bring specialist in the high-power laser field dealing with beam and system optimization together with researchers working on the laser hyper-intense laser beam based application, and IT specialist involved in simulation and experimental data aquisition sistems. It aims to present the latest achievements in PW laser system experimental applications and related simulations and data aquisition system optimisations.

- High power laser system control and optimization
- High power laser facility data aquisition and system optimisations
- Electromagnetic wave generation by intense laser beam - matter interactions and signal processing.
- Hyper-intense laser beam applications in particle acceleration and related computer simulations.
- Investigations and statistics of biological effects of radiations and hyper-intense laser beam interactions over living cells and organisms.