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5th Int.Conf. on Mathematics and Computers in Sciences and Industry

Corfu Island, Greece

August 25-27, 2018

International Symposium 18 - Modelling and Simulation of Processes in Science and Industry

Chair: Gerardo Calva Olmos.
Académico Titular. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
Circuito Exterior s/n C.P. 04510 Cd. UNIVERSITARIA.
Ciudad de México.
Apdo. Postal 70-186. México.

Aim: The aim of this symposium is to give a spread window to those Models supported by techniques and tools that are used as normal in the differents processes in sciencies and in technified industries. In research and social benefits: models analysing seismicity; in generation of nanotechnologies; detection and analysis of biological signals; how climate affect energy of links; humidity estimation in food and or in materials and analog computers.

- Modelling and simulation of any processes
- Models for Absortion and dispertion of energy in processes.
- Performance of energy applied on food and on materials, for research or industrial processes.
- Use of models for Nondestructive Evaluation with infrared, ultrasound and microwaves.
- Modelling and simulation with Artificial Neural Networks.
- Models for Seismicity Performance Modelling of Links in Communications.
- Data analysis for test, simulation and validation of models.
- Analog Modelling and simulation /Analog computer